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3-roller processor that can be helical for stripping or that can use nozzles for operations that do not involve stripping. Robust chassis for operating with hard and heavy woods.

With two rear movable clamps and one clamp welded to the engine chassis, the size of the heads has been optimised for maximum bark stripping efficiency on crooked, green or burnt eucalyptus.

  • Manufactured with high yield strength steel (STRENX 700) to ensure reduced weight and maximum sturdiness;
  • HARDOX blades to minimise wear;
  • Hardened tappered pins;
  • Premium-quality lubricated or non-lubricated articulation bearings;
  • Oversized bronze bushings;
  • SKF or INA bearings;
  • Robust hydraulic cylinders;
  • Independent saw lubrication system;
  • The best hydraulic control, operation and automation solutions from DANFOSS, PARKER and INDEXATOR